10 Signs You're Promotable & 10 Signs that You're Not

September 17, 2017

10 Signs You're Promotable & 10 Signs that You're Not

Here are ten signs you're ready for a promotion  and ten signs you're not:

Ten Signs You're Promotable

1. You know your current job well.

2. You're a responsible, reliable employee.

3. You are known for your good judgment.

4. You are a great teammate, respected by your peers.

5. You are sensitive to the other people's needs. You are not the type to gossip, criticize your co-workers or get upset easily.

6. You are a problem-solver.

7. You have made useful suggestions on the job.

8. You like to organize projects and teams.

9. You are confident enough to tell the truth, even to managers above you.

10. You feel that as a new manager you'd have a lot to learn but also a lot to teach.

Ten Signs You're Not Promotable

1. It would be great to get promoted, because you'd earn more money  in fact, money is the number one reason you're interested in getting promoted.

2. You do your job, but you also keep up with office gossip and you don't mind sharing a few choice words about the managers when they're not around.

3. You see no reason to do more than the minimum requirements of the job.

4. You like the idea of being able to tell other people what to do.

5. If you were promoted to a management job, you can already identify the employees you'd put on probation or try to get rid of.

6. You would never tell your boss if they were mistaken about something, because why argue with the boss?

7. You only started taking your job seriously the day you applied for an internal promotion.

8. You feel that a supervisor's job is to keep their employees in line.

9. You like making rules, so a management job would be perfect for you.

10. You believe strongly that your opinions are the best opinions. If you become a supervisor, you won't have to listen to anyone else's opinions  you'll make all the decisions!

If you fit most of the criteria on the first list and none of the items on the second list, go ahead and apply for the Team Leader job.

If you don't get the job, sit down with your manager and talk about your road map for the next couple of years. It's never a bad idea to sync up with your boss where your career plans are concerned.



Liz Ryan, Forbes Contributor


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